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Profile: Starfruit, Bergamot, Dark Saffron, Red Pepper, Tobacco, Cedarwood, Worn Leather.


Inspired by Tiësto's hit album from 2008, this scent (and name) brings back the nostalgia of great music from an even better time period. We'd like to think that this scent perfectly rounds out the end of spring as we head into the heat of summer. Its complex, smooth, energetic, and brings chill vibes - just like the album!


Parfum = 30-75% (depending on how much base can sustain)

Eau de Parfum (EDP) = 15-20%

Eau de Toilette (EDT) = 5-15%

Eau de Cologne (EDC) = 2-4%

Eau Fraîche = 1-3%


* Scent longevity (4-6 hours)


A six hour longevity fragrance is 1-2 hours of good scent projection, 3-4 hours of intimate space projection, and the rest is winding down to a skin scent.


Ingredients: SAD-40B (Ethanol), Distilled Water, Vitamin E, Fragrance Oils. Net. Wt. 2oz.

ISOS - Parfum

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