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'After Party' is an epic relaxing and soothing blend of four distinct essential oils proven by studies and research to work for stress, anxiety and sleep while also promoting beard growth. Check out all the ingredients and benefits below! Choose from either our Growth & Sleep blend or our Stress Relief blend.


Growth/Sleep Ingredients: Organic Castor Oil, Organic Golden Jojoba Oil, Organic Rice Brand Oil, Organic Peppermint Essential Oil, Organic Tea Tree Essential Oil Organic Lavender Essential Oil, Organic Rosemary Oil.


Stress Relief Ingredients: Organic Castor Oil, Organic Golden Jojoba Oil, Organic Rice Brand Oil, Organic Lemon Oil, Organic Orange Oil, Organic Patchouli, Organic Frankincense, Organic Lavender, Organic Ylang Ylang, & Organic Clary Sage Essential Oils.


Castor Oil

Castor oil has been found extremely beneficial for hair growth. It regulates collagen production and effectively aids dandruff because of its antifungal properties. The oil is packed with Vitamin E and other essential nutrients to boost hair shine, add volume, improve frizz, and make your hair silky smooth.


Golden Jojoba oil

Jojoba oil has an oily composition, so it can be used as a moisturizer. It can also be added to hair conditioners to give you added protection against dryness, breakage, and split ends.

The oil can also moisturize the scalp and may be a dandruff remedy.

Jojoba is rich in vitamins and minerals that nourish hair, including vitamin C, B vitamins, vitamin E, copper, and zinc.


Rice Brand Oil

Rice bran may sound like an odd ingredient in a hair care routine, but it does have nourishing qualities that could help with hair loss. Rice bran is very rich the fatty acids omega 3 and 6, making hair thicker and more manageable, and hair follicles healthy.


Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint oil is another great oil, perfect to soothe your skin and improve growth. The anti-inflammatory properties of peppermint oil make it ideal to use in deep conditioning and cleansing products.


Tea Tree Essential Oil

Beardruff is a common issue that results in itchiness and flakiness on the skin surface. Because of its antibacterial properties, tea tree oil is perfect for soothing an itchy beard. It strengthens the hair follicles, conditions hair, adds shine, and improves growth. Tea tree oil also deep cleanses pores and controls excess oil, moisturizes hair for a softer and shinier look, and promotes a healthy appearance of both your beard hair and skin underneath.


Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender Oil can be a safe and valuable add-on to your hair care regimen. Studies show it may promote hair growth and prevent thinning. It may also have other perks for overall scalp and hair health. There are also many ways to apply it to your hair or use it with (or in) your favorite products. Lavender oil promotes relaxation and believed to treat anxiety, fungal infections, allergies, depression, insomnia, eczema, nausea.


Rosemary Essential Oil

If you want to improve both hair thickness and hair growth, rosemary oil is a great choice thanks to its ability to improve cellular generation. According to one study , rosemary oil performed as well as minoxidil, a common hair growth treatment, but with less scalp itching as a side effect.



After Party - A Growth Promoting Beard Oil

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