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Missed your shot at a FREE SOTM Beard Oil? Here's your chance to win! You can use your Loyalty Points to redeem raffle tickets, or purchase them for $2 each. Second Chance Raffle is valid only for those who purchased our SOTM Beard Oil/Box. If you did not participate in the SOTM, please do not purchase a ticket. You will be refunded.


How does it work?

Every month, one lucky person will win Next Month's SOTM (Scent of the Month) Beard Oil for FREE. 

How do I know if I Won? If you see a GOLD stamp on your package, DM us to redeem your free Beard Oil. All other packages will have a SILVER stamp. If you did not win, the raffle is your chance to get that free oil!


The SOTM Raffle is for those who want to try again! At the end of the month, we will tally everyone's raffle tickets and choose someone at RANDOM. You will not receive a physical ticket in the mail. We will keep track and hold the raffle at the end of the month! Good Luck!

SOTM Raffle Ticket

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